Internet & Web

Design, Development, and Usability

Experience /// Education

As a student at the Fulton Schools of Engineering @ Arizona State University I am focusing in web design and development including responsive website design, WordPress theme creation, user experience research, e-commerce strategies, search engine optimization, and common web practices.


At Arizona State University I was assigned to complete serveral projects to show my skills.


Created a mock Graphic Information Technology webpage for ASU using Jquery elements on each page. Click on EACH page to see different elements.


Javascript Addition Flash Cards

Project to create addition flash cards for young students. Showed correct answer if inncorrect.


Alex the Dog

Targeted for children, this javascript application let the user make the dog do tricks.


Number Guess Game

A Javascript game. User has to guess the computers number with given hints.


Tip Caculator

A simple tip caculator using Javascript.


HTML5 Responsive Website

Game Vision. A responsive HTML5 website class project.